Solar Consultation Service

Solar Project feasibility Report

  1. Solar/Climate data using ground mounted measuring instruments
  2. Land acquisition
  3. Company strength and track record
  4. Joint Venture (optional) in place
  5. PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with the local Utility
  6. Government approvals
  7. Forest / Village approvals
  8. Technical feasibility
  9. Financial feasibility, etc.

A final Detailed Study will provide clear advice on the available array options and highlight those with the greatest potential for development. Any potential risks or barriers will be highlighted along with advice on those risks or barriers that can be mitigated and those which could prove to be insurmountable. The study should also consider how financial benefits will be achieved and provide advice on a range of potential business models, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Scope of the study

They key elements of the detailed study are listed below.

  1. Financial appraisal
    • o Full financial appraisal with costs obtained from 3 potential suppliers (capital cost estimates and operation & maintenance) and revenue clearly noting method of estimation, details of relevant assumptions and uncertainty of estimates.
    • o Scenario modelling of potential increase in costs or reductions in revenue
    • o Account for most recent tariff rates that may influence the sizing of the scheme and sizing to optimise benefit
  2. Planning issues
    • o planning application is required for the PV system and (where necessary) prepare and submit the full planning application with all necessary supporting environmental and technical documentation
    • o Obtain all necessary consents to construct and operate a solar PV system at the site.
  3. System design
    o Prepare a full design of the solar PV system (including electrical diagrams, module mounting system details etc.)
  4. Project Management
    o Risk Assessment of developing a solar PV scheme at the site(s), and how these risks are best mitigated going forward.


There are two deliverables resulting from the Detailed Study stage of this work. The first of these is a report which addresses each of the points listed in the Scope of study and includes a concluding section that highlights any issues that may impact on the installation or performance of an installed solar PV array at the proposed location.
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Consultatcy for

  1. Engineering Consultancy
  2. Solar Power Plant Construction & Management Consultancy
  3. MW PV Module Manufacturing Unit Consultancy
  4. MW Solar Power Plant Consultancy from every states in India.

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Engineering Consultancy

  1. Feasibility Studies
    1. Pre-feasibility, Detailed Feasibility Studies
    2. Preliminary Design
    3. Options Analysis
    4. Resource Assessment
  2. Project Proposals
    1. Subcontractor Engagement
    2. Risk Analysis
    3. Detailed Documentation
    4. Budget Estimates
  3. Detailed Design
    1. System Design
    2. Cost/Value Engineering
    3. Grid Connection
  4. Project Management
    1. Project Supervision
    2. Subcontractor Management
    3. Documentation
  5. Expert Software Tools
    1. PVSyst
    2. Solar Pro
    3. Solar Advisor Model
    4. and more ...


Covers the following Aspects

  1. Raw Materials
  2. Environmental Aspect
  3. Manpower Requirement and Training
  4. Project Implementation Schedule
  5. Assessment of Capital Cost
  6. Cost of Production and Profitability
  7. Investment and Financial Analysis


* Construction supervision of plant buildings and structures and Fabrication and Erection supervision of equipment.
* Pre-commissioning and commissioning services.


This will cover all the stages of the project from procurement of the equipment, engineering including civil, mechanical & electrical design, construction, site fabrication, erection & commissioning of the project.

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